Project Lacey Green

Today we launched the Lacey Green Visiting School, which will be taking place over two weeks this Easter at Grysmdyke Farm. Like the previous Visiting Schools we led in Dehradun and Hariharpur, the workshop is a small part of the longer research project, and will take place during the building phase. Open to current architecture and design students, as well as recent graduates, the idea is to invite people to collaborate in the construction of the main structure, and also on the design of internal elements such as furniture and lighting.

Working with Hannah Ellis, a Visual Communication student I’m collaboration with over the course of the year, we designed a poster and decided to take advantage of the RCA’s amazing print-making facilities in the new Battersea Campus. Luckily we managed to catch Joby Williamson, who taught me years ago when I studied Fine Art at the Ruskin, during his last week working in the screen-printing department! Hannah and I had a really nice few days in the workshops with him and Damon, preparing the screen and then then printing a run of about 60 sheets – which were cut down to make 2 A3 posters and 1 A2 poster per sheet. These have now been put up around architecture schools in London, and posted out to lots more internationally.

Keep an eye out, and please spread the word to anyone who might be interested in joining us!