At the start of last week I came back up to Lacey Green to complete Phase 1 of the music pavilion, with help from the amazing Keith and Nigel. The remaining timber roof planks from Hooke Park, which didn’t make it onto the original delivery back in March, finally arrived on site thanks to another free ride from the very generous haulage company AET Transport.  Once the engineer Steve Webb had come up to check out the progress so far and answer some remaining questions, the planks were screwed to the lattice structure, starting from either side and working our way incrementally to each pitch. Clem and Ming (a fellow graduate from the RCA who came up to volunteer for a few days) worked on the ground, cutting, sanding and passing up planks, while Nigel & Keith nimbly navigated the roof. Today they were covered in a waterproof membrane, kindly donated by Jewson and flashing was stuck down in the valley gutter – ready to be connected to the gutter pipes over the weekend.