AAVS Lacey Green

The Ercol furniture factory in High Wycombe (1960s)

Based at Grymsdyke Farm, a research and fabrication facility in the Buckinghamshire village of Lacey Green, this two-week workshop focused on the production of furniture for the Music Pavilion at the local school. Learning from the rich history of furniture-making in the area, and collaborating with the teachers and children who will be using the space, the ambition was to create beautiful, functional objects that are deeply rooted in the local culture.

Taking advantage of the Farm’s extensive facilities, participants developed design and fabrication skills using both contemporary digital tools, and traditional forms of craftsmanship such as steam bending. Alongside the production of furniture, they documented the process through drawing, photography and text – producing a small publication and short film at the end of the workshop.

In addition to intensive workshop-based activity, we made trips to a number of interesting manufactures, museums and buildings in the local area. We were also joined by a series of exciting guest lecturers and critics including Fran Edgerley from Assemble, Edmund Fowles from Feilden Fowles, Eva Kellenberger from Kellenberger-White, Al Scott from IF_DO, and Jack Chivers – a furniture designer from Ercol.


  • Areeba Imran
  • Edward Heritage
  • Fernando Gil Calle
  • Ghaina Sabir Malik
  • Hamza Aziz
  • Julia Lemle