The final blog post for the last two days of the Visiting School has been written by Lorenzo Landelli, a 3rd year architecture student at Central St. Martins in London. 

After a long and strenuous fight, the combat came to a halt and a system was finalised on attaching the cross bracing timber lengths to the their respective frames, after all a smooth sea never made a skilful mariner! Subsequently to scattered moments of terror where the weather teased disaster, the work pace steadily grew. The teams divided between on site and at the farm worked in exchange of mild sunburns graced by the nice weather unveiled by the afternoon. Farm continued its Ford assembly line of cutting and sanding. Back on site at St John’s School, the group of young men continued the routine of resolving the woven wood patterns of the roof and walls.

Just before sunset everyone joined the group of young men, who had just finished the setting up of an overly complicated stop motion process, some tree climbing was also pursued and painfully endured by the people watching on ground level. The strength of many granted the structures to move in position, where they will sadly sleep for a couple weeks, nevertheless completed, strong and resistant.

The emotional finale climaxed with the unveiling of the Raku Kiln constructed by Jessy and Alex, staging an artful performance. Alex undefeated by the excruciating heat took out the terracotta tiles form the hand made stone kiln and processed them by immersing them fist in saw dust and then in water. The incinerating of the saw dust in contact with the blazing tiles left them covered in a beautiful organic black glaze. With the images of darkness illuminated by the radiating red heat of burning stone still in mind, a barbecue was set up to finalise the bonds and fun had in the last two weeks of team work. A final movie was set up to give soundtrack to the evening but nobody saw the credits as one by one the team members went to bed, except Stephen who woke up on the same couch in the early morning.

Thanks so much to Kay Pallister, one of the mothers at St. John’s, for dropping off some beers to help us celebrate the finale of the workshop!!