Design Museum Pavilion · timber frame complete!

Saturday was a beautiful autumnal day – and lovely conditions in which to finish off the structure. Lewis, Michael & Rebecca kindly joined Jan and I (as did my partner Ed!) to help complete the fabrication of the two props, and lift them into place. The rear prop in particular was quite tricky, as it lands on the verge behind the structure, making use of the crane impossible. It also happens to pass right through a small multi-stemmed tree (which obviously hadn’t been planted as per the landscape plan….) which was a little concerning at first, but actually looks somewhat intentional!

We also encountered a problem with the front prop, when we couldn’t hammer the 500mm spirafix anchors deeper than 300mm… we’re not sure exactly what we’ve hit (it doesn’t feel like concrete) but whatever it is, they’re not going any deeper! After a quick call to the engineer Peter Laidler we decided to leave the temporary shoring in place, insert two timber stakes and left it as it was for an inspection on Monday. Pete had a look in person yesterday, and we’ve decided to cut the spirafix, dig two holes on either side of the footing, and cast a concrete pad around and on top of it. This will both prevent the prop from slipping, and tether it to the ground in case of up-lift (this isn’t so much of a concern now, but will be once the cladding is installed over the weekend).

The fibreglass cladding, kindly donated by Filon, is due to be delivered today – with the view to starting cladding on the weekend. In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on the exhibition layout – whilst the RCA students are generously completing the film and publication.