Design Museum Pavilion · rib beams completed

Having set up a system of cutting, labelling and stacking, things moved along much faster yesterday. Each rib beam is made of a pair of 30mm x 200mm planks, so both pieces have to be cut, and then screwed together with a 6mm gap to allow for the metal hangers to slot in at either end. Jan made a handy jig place the 6mm plywood spacers that are distributed along the length of the beams. Meanwhile, the publication team made a trip to Objectif‘s studio, where Axel & Marco very generously gave some feedback on the work so far. At 6pm we stopped for a well-earned pizza break, and then cracked on with applying the first coat of oil (kindly supplied at a discounted rate by Osmo) to the inside face of the the ribs, and all faces of the perimeter beams, before calling it a day!

This morning there were a lot of bulky deliveries for the forthcoming Fear & Love exhibition, so we had to do some clever manoeuvring – in the end of half of the fabrication team moved outside to complete the timber treatment on the ribs. We’ve been really lucky with the weather so far & are hoping it stays dry for raising the structure tomorrow!

This evening we’re in the process of completing the larger perimeter beams (40mm x 280mm), and attaching the hangers, so that the ribs can be dropped into place on site. Hopefully we’ll have the energy to move these to the site this evening, so that we ready to get started with the crane first thing.