Design Museum Pavilion · cladding

After a few days back indoors, tidying up after the workshop, returning certain items & doing some much-needed accounting, I headed back to the site last weekend to complete structure with the cladding – kindly donated by Filon. The product we were using (2mm flat ‘glass reinforced plastic’ – or fibreglass) isn’t typically used for this type of application, so we had to work out the detailing to use each 500mm x 800mm sheet like shingles. Having planned to use an expanding foam tape along the top of each rib, in the end we ditched that and just used self-drilling roofing screws with EPDM washers to create a good seal. Ed came to help on the first damp Saturday, and once we’d worked out a system, were joined by two friends Louise & Emily for Sunday. We made great progress, but were by no means done by the end of the day, so I was very relieved to find out that there were some technicians employed by the Museum who were able to help! For the next few days I was joined by Erica, Bex, Cameron & Pete who had access to all sorts of goodies like scissor lifts which proved very handy. By Wednesday night – just in time for the Press Preview yesterday – it was all done!

Before the cladding, I’d also had to resolve the footing at the front, where the Spirafix had only gone into the ground 200mm. After a meeting on site with Pete and Max – the engineers – it was decided to pour some concrete on either side, and on top of, the aluminium plate to prevent slipping and uplift. Thankfully the last two Blu-3 contractors were still on site, and kindly gave me a hand! I was also working on the exhibition set up and content including the fantastic film & publication made by the students (very generously printed by Hobs Reprographics).

Tomorrow evening is the official Wrap Party – a chance to celebrate the structure with many of those involved! Final photos coming up next…