Design Museum Pavilion · frame raising begins

After a whole week of lovely weather, the heavens opened on Friday – just in time for the raising of the timber frame :/ Undetered, the team pushed on with completing the perimeter beams, whist Jan and I bolted the aluminium plates to the concrete blocks. After an early lunch we moved onto the site and with the help of a small ‘roust-about’ crane, starting lifting the first two perimeter beams into place. Navigating the steep and muddy bank at the rear of the site was quite tricky but with lots of hands supporting Jan’s ladder, we managed to prop and screw them together.

After the second two perimeter beams were up, we raised the first rib to find it didn’t quite fit, and wasn’t aligned with the pre-drilled holes in the aluminium hangers… after a small amount of confusion, panic and fiddling, we realised that in fact the hangers had been installed in the wrong order – annoying, but not disastrous!

We had scheduled a topping out ceremony for 5pm, and although weren’t quite at the stage we wanted to be, were joined by the Design Museum curator, the structural engineers and a few friends for a small celebration to mark the official completion of the workshop. We screened the beautiful film the students have been making over the past week, and had a look at the draft print of the lovely publication they’ve also made. However, keen to get the rest of the ribs up before heading home, about half the team kept on going… and somehow the later it got, the more efficient we became – until all but one of the ribs were up (save one which we had lined up for a photo op in the daytime!).