Over the last weekend before the final exam, we managed to raise the last two roof panels – in spite of miserable rainy weather. Thanks to Hawes, we had enough additional access towers to reach the peak of the roof – pretty high at roughly 5m above ground level. Although we’d already assembled the roof panels in full flat on the ground, we realised they be impossibly large and heavy to lift, and so the first task was to separate them into two pieces. Once this was done, raising them into place and nailing them to the frame was surprisingly easy… and much more straightforward than the smaller side had been; probably because we knew what we were doing this time! Thanks so much to Lizzy, Tom, Chris, Iain, Alex, Matt, Nigel and Keith for their help.

The sun came out the following day – just in time to take some final photos for the exam and exhibition. We also managed to get few proof copies of the book I’ve been working on with Hannah Ellis, a Visual Communications student at the RCA. These were shown to the external examiners and then used as part of the exhibition display; the remaining 50 copies were very generous printed after the show for free by ABC Imaging; big thank you to Duncan Stuart at ABC, who’s been supporting our work since 2012, when he printed the Chandar Nagar fundraising booklet! These have been sent off to sponsors and supporters of the project. After some time off, and a holiday in France, I’ll be back in Lacey Green to complete the roof, floor and landscaping.