Now that term has started again, we’ve been working mornings at the Farm and afternoons at the school, once the kids have left. Having spent a few days completing the gable wall on the ground (attaching the portal frame pieces, re-sanding & oiling it) – it was finally time to lift the first walls into place. Even with a reasonable amount of experience it’s amazing how hard it is to predict how long things will take…retrospectively it seems crazy that the plan was to get to this stage by the end of the two-week Visiting School back in April!

The 1st year students at the RCA finished their exams last week, meaning they’re free to help us 2nd years in the run up to final presentation on 16th June. Alex, who’s in my studio and also took part in the Visiting School, has come back up to Lacey Green to help out – and we’ve also had extra support from Tom & Jamie from ADS7, which has been really useful! At certain moments, when we need all hands on deck for lifting and moving, we call over as many as people as possible over from the Farm – hopefully a nice sunny break from the computer screen / workshop?!

Discrepancies in the dimensions of the timber, which was only ever roughly milled at Hooke, and the inevitable inaccuracies which come with such collaborative fabrication (involving many different hands & eyes), means that there’s quite a lot of adjustments to do on site – extra trimming and shimming to make sure everything fits in place. But so far, things are going well – and if the weather stays as sunny as predicted over the weekend, we should be able to get the rest of the structure up by Monday.