Today’s blog has been written by Hamza, a third year student at BNU in Lahore, Pakistan. Thanks to Anderson Inge for a great day of drawing!

The day started early, and after the breakfast a guest joined us, Anderson, a professor at the Architectural Association. Although a guy of such a high academic stature he had no essence of pretentiousness in him, a humble person who engages with everyone on his own level. We started off with the drawing exercise called The Police in which we were spilt into pairs and our partner was supposed to point out our mistakes in our drawing by just raising their hand while we were drawing. Later we ended up throwing money on the best drawing.

Subsequently we were shown these slides about different types of drawing to express our ideas. We had to make thumbnail sketches of all of the slides to get our hand going. After having a nice pizza for lunch and a nice nap for most of us to escape that heat, we carried off with our work. Now we had to make these drawings on a bigger scale but these drawings needed to unfold like a poem, with multiple interpretation to them. Under the counsel of Anderson every one of us carried out with our own designs and eventually came up with something worth discussing with the whole group. Later another discussion was carried out with Jack, our wood expert and through this our designs got further evolved. Now we got into a team of three to further develop our designs.