Today’s blog has been written by Hamza, a 3rd year student at BNU in Lahore, Pakistan.

The day started off with a bit of more energy than usual because of the little time we had in our disposal. One group started to configure the pattern of the stool while a new debate was ignited that whether should we have a three legged chair or four. Four had a more stability towards itself but three was very much aesthetically pleasing. CNC machine was being used back and forth to configure the curvature of the seat of the chair and to experiment with different types and sizes of the seat for the stool.

Jigs were being prepared for the legs and different experiments also took place to see the right type of lamination needed to have a beautiful and yet a strong curve. Kids came to test the prototypes to ensure the heights were right, and the seat comfortable. Jago who took a day off from work just to help us while at it designed and made a wonderful chair. The process of sanding and wax coating was taught.

After dinner we finally started our process of mass production and it was very kind of Callum that helped us out and although it got late and he had to drive back to London and he had work tomorrow but he stayed he help us out.