Today has been written up by Areeba, a student at the Razia Hassan School of Architecture at BNU in Lahore.

The morning started today with a certain sense of panic and impending doom looming over our heads as we slowly became aware (sleep walked half the morning because of working late the previous night) that we had only 2 complete days left to finish the chairs for the school. From that point onwards, it was Chop chop chop! And away we went…to work. We were fairly quick to divide the tasks and efficiently form a production line after that.

Hamza and Fernando were put to the task of making jigs, Ghaina and I were on sanding duty (Note: Seems fun for the first seat, after that it all goes downhill) while the dynamic duo of Ed and Julia were planing the legs for the chairs.  Sarah, who has been working at Grymsdyke Farm, was nice enough to join us in our race against time and helped us in our endeavours to try and finish what we had started and that, too, by Saturday!
She and I worked on the scarf joints for the junction between the back leg and arch of the chairs. A very stressful job to say the least. The precision and accuracy required was exhausting but we did somehow manage to not be absolutely horrible at it.

Our team of 9 for today (including Clem, Nigel and Sarah) ran back and forth in the workshop today to make sure we were right on schedule and things weren’t going wrong (of course they were). But we somehow managed to accomplish finishing most of the components and hoped to assemble the furniture pieces the following morning.

And so with sand-filled boots and glue-stained clothes we finally ended the day on a lighter note on the dinner table, hopeful and aware of the challenges we had at hand the next day.