Today’s post was written by Ed Heritage, a graduate of Kingston University.

Saturday was a day of talks from some of the most interesting creative minds in the country, it was also a day that we had to present the work we had done in the last week to some of the most creative and intelligent minds in the country. The guests and speakers arrived mid-morning and after a tour around the Farm, the talks began.

First to speak was Al Scott from the up and coming architecture practice IF_DO. Al talked about a master plan the practice is designing for the Irish sculpture Joseph Walsh, and the interesting challenges that come from collaborating with such a meticulous and extravagant client. Involving Joseph and his team of highly trained craftsmen during the design phase of the project helped to develop the way the building was designed.

Eva Kellenberger from the graphic design practice Kellenberger-White presented a series of her studio’s projects, demonstrating their ethos of being hands on with their work. Engaging with the work in a physical way, gives a more natural and instinctual method of resolving design solutions and creating an outcome that has a closer connection to greater number of people.

After lunch in it was our turn to present the work we have been doing over the past week, discussing the designs of the chair and stools. It was great to have insight and feedback from everyone in the room.

Fran Edgerley a member of the young and exciting architectural design collective Assemble who won the turner prize in 2015 talked about how society, work and design can all be folded into one, through talking about the way assemble is constructed and the projects they have engaged with.

Finally, Edmund Fowles’ talk focused on the design of educational buildings and how the current political system is damaging the way we teach our children. He expressed his anger at the limitations imposed on the design and the limited amount of funding given to schools to develop new educational spaces. He then showed examples of his work with Feilden Fowles, which demonstrated how he challenged those limitations to make functional spaces for children to learn and play.

After the presentations we all moved into the garden to enjoy the glorious English summer evening, and were joined by some of the parents and kids at the school for an amazing barbecue…and birthday celebration for Areeba!