Today’s blog has been written by Areeba Imran, a Pakistani student from BNU in Lahore.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”
– Milton Glaser , Graphic Designer

Borrowing the sentiment from Glaser, adding a wow element to the presentation and documentation of our 2 weeks here at Lacey Green was what today was about. Experiences are enriching when they stay in fond memory but when one unfolds them on paper, they become lasting and immutable.

As a medium of documenting, we were to design a book enclosing our small journey of 2 weeks onto paper that not only was pleasing to the eyes but also fitting to the philosophy of the project. Eva Kellenberger, a London based graphic designer accompanied us in our attempt to design a layout for the book. She started off by introducing us to different layouts, multiple forms of typography and what would suit us best in accordance with our desired publication. We learned that rules help. They give a certain direction to our ideas and confine us within a specific unseen boundary that makes us more focused towards a certain goal.

Following the discussion, we explored some ideas for the book cover that included wood block printing and linocutting. A pretty impressive and fulfilling day all in all. It ended with some great food with friends and colleagues on the dinner table set in great scenery among laughter, puns and plans of what lay ahead.