Today’s blog has been written by Ghaina, a third year architecture student from Lahore.

Here at the farm everything new is going on every day, we have everything new to explore, the best thing of all day I find is when I wake up in the morning and I find the sun shining from the window, birds chirping and the thoughts of what new things are we going to learn today. So after having our breakfast we started working on our design for the chairs, the six of us were divided into 2 teams, my group mates are Julia and Ed. We worked together to explore various ideas of the chair that went through our mind from yesterdays drawing class, we worked in the workshop for the first time out of all the days in order to test our ideas for the chairs , personally I kind of enjoyed working in my group , I never interacted with Ed and Julia before as I did today so I think that is really great !!!  We all had tomato soup in the lunch , I don’t like it that much but everyone somehow did , continuing with our work in the workshop , with the designs , testing them , we got the back the chair and legs, now the main challenge was to experiment different ideas for the seat, I came up with a curve bowl like shape idea but we tried to explore more ideas relating to the context for where the chairs are to be built for too!!! In the evening we had our little separate group critiques for the both groups with Jack and Clem and I think they worked pretty great for both our teams.

After that we had an amazing dinner made by Julia and Hamza today!! We got back to our work in the workshop experimenting with making jigs and steam bending oak in order to see whether the designs worked or not, or maybe we could just modify them a little. So it turns out that the idea for the legs of the chair steam bended fine but the one we tried to bend it on a 90 degree angle didn’t do so well and the oak  got crackkkked and we were all like ahhhhhhggghhhh!!!!!!!! But we didn’t lose hope, we aimed for doing little modifications with it and continue with it in the morning because it was already midnight and we all were so tired and the weathers was really chilly and Clem was like bringing  us all teas which was reallyyy really sweet so after that we all went to sleep.