The latest post has been written by Ghaina, an architecture student from Lahore, Pakistan:

So today we all started a new day after spending the whole last week learning about tools, drawing, steam bending, designing, editing and after getting our critiques for the chair design from different designers. It was now time for us to put forth the design in to a real shape; that was the challenge, and we spend all our morning working on with the jigs and cutting stuff, with the help of Jack. After lunch I learned to do sanding of the seats and polished them, they turned out to be so beautiful with their curves and bends! The other team had already begun with production of the stools and had CNC’d the seats already, so they worked all day with the sanding and polishing.

Today’s dinner cook turn was mine and Ed but he being busy with the steam bending with Jack and Julia, Areeba helped me in making dinner which was really great because it was all Pakistani food on the menu today. After dinner we all had a really long group discussion to work out the schedules and figure out that who’s going to do what tomorrow and planned everything according to the days left for the workshop, hoping we would do it on time.