Today’s blog post has been written by Fernando, a Spanish student from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM).

We got up at 8:00 am eager to continue the design of the stool. We had breakfast: crispy cereals, crackers with some toasts. We got strength to carry out the day. We worked in two groups of three people developing the idea of stool. We tried different options. A group chooses a laminated wood and curvy design while the other group opt a conventional design with the objective of easy stacking.

Ideas progress and develop with sketches and drawings. Drawings  got increasingly more shaped. At the end you opt three types of chair, one quite ergonomic support, another with  a hexagon shaped design so that you can group forming a claster and a third cylindrical shaped design that it can be stacked easily.

It’s time for food and rest. We talked about the work done and we shared ideas. In the afternoon we discussed the ideas with Jack, who advised us the different options and ways to solve the unions. We started working under the supervision of Jack asking him all the questions we had during the preparation of the stool. It was an interesting afternoon and night when we worked hard making the different parts and components that you form.

Once we had finished the day we went to bed tired but with the satisfaction of having done a great job.